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Ottinger rim protection lugs available now as retrofit

Avoid damage to your alloy rims by using Ottinger rim protection lugs. Simply clip on, pull tension chains through, done! Retrofit available for almost all cable chains and standard chains.

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More than 55 years of experience and tradition have led us to success

The Ottinger company can now look back at the company’s history, which is characterised by continual progress and development and is a true economic success story.

The Ottinger company was founded in 1965 by Georg Ottinger and is still a familyowned business, now in the 2nd generation, and is as one of the world’s leading snow chain providers international active. Ottinger deals exclusively with snow chains for vehicles of all kinds that are used around the wheel. We set international standards and offer a comprehensive package of outstanding snow chain products and services. We don‘t just supply snow chains, but offer solutions that fully meet our customers‘ requirements. Our business philosophy means snow-chains. A team of specialists is busy with the development of the quality, new construction systems and mounting-technique, in order to improve the current state of affairs - „Stagnancy is decline“.

Ottinger chain systems are used around the world in snowy regions. There are sales offices and authorised dealers who help maintain our excellent delivery and service standards. Our logistics centre has state-of-the-art conveying technology and offer fast access to around 200,000 snow chains if there is a surprise onset of wintry weather, which ensures short-term job flows and a good level of service.

The latest testing equipment monitors our chains for wear resistance and fracture toughness in order to grant the most demanding usage requirements and ensure sustainable quality assurance. For the quality standard of our customers we grant a long-term-warranty of 5 years, a quality promise for our chain-systems. If there appears any complaint regarding material or manufacturing of our snow-chains, in case of appropriate use, we make optionally an equivalent rework or replacement.

The chain systems developed by us are protected by a variety of intellectual property rights and are tested by TÜV, Önorm, Dekra and CE, as well as trade journals and are given top marks. The quality is impressively high and the patented systems ensure easy and quick mounting. When you use Ottinger snow and ice chains you can rest assured that you will enjoy a high degree of safety and that they can be used on all types of vehicles such as cars, trucks, commercial- and utility vehicles for snow clearance, construction, forestry and agriculture. Ottinger chains work on rear, front and 4-wheel drive vehicles including those designed for confined spaces and are characterised by the simplicity of mounting. If you can’t find a standard chain version which is suitable, we can also create customised versions and small batches using CAD technology and flexible production facilities.

In the future, we will continue to strive to meet the requirements of our customers and business partners and increase satisfaction and market presence through innovation, quality, service and value for money.