Snow chains must be carried in Austria - it's the law

The following applies to lorries and trucks:

Between November 15 and March 15, it is mandatory in Austria to carry snow chains in your vehicle. More information can be found in the federal law gazette, which is available in our download area.

Federal law gazette - Snow chain bylaw AT

The following applies to passenger cars:

During winter conditions (i.e., snow and slush) between November 1 and April 15, all passenger cars, station wagons or trucks up to 3.5 t gross vehicle weight must be fitted with winter tires on all wheels or must have snow chains mounted to the drive wheels.

As an alternative, snow chains are only permitted if the pavement is completely covered with snow or ice, or if the snow/ice-covered surface is only insignificantly broken and the surface of the road will not be damaged by the chains.

Noncompliance is punishable by heavy fines and may cause difficulties with the insurance company in case of an accident.