Yeti Shoe Claws with Rescue Dog Team e.V. (Registered Charity) Hamburg und Harburg e.V.

The BRH Hamburg and Harburg Rescue Dog Team e.V. is a leading organization in the field of rescue dogs.

The purpose of the rescue dog team is to assist wherever putting it into action might help to save the lives or protect the health of others. The rescue dog team steps in with all the resources at its disposal to serve people in need.

In their main area of operation, searching for the injured or uninjured, the missing or buried, they have become a vital link in the chain of rescue work. Here they are available to assist almost 3 million people spread over nearly 30,000 square kilometers.

They work closely with the police, the fire brigade and other aid organisations and the civil protection authorities.

The dog handlers in the Hamburg and Harburg Rescue Dog Team are equipped with OTTINGER ice grips for their footwear; they have proven their usefulness in ice and snow and are an integral part of the equipment.