Snow chain by-law

Find information about the various snow chain laws before starting your journey!

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Chain fitting instructions

Trucks: On the drive axle.

In mountainous terrain: Additional on the controlled axle

With trailers: Additonal on the next to the last axle


Snow chains for trucks and commercial vehicles – with trailer

Diamond patern chain-net of wear-resistant special steel with additional gripping and wearing crosspieces

  • The square bar steel links have a 25% larger wearing volume compared to round bar links of the same dimension.
  • Perfectly approved under hardest conditions. Reversible, therefore both attrition sides of the chain will be used.

D-profile crosspieces with ice edge & additional crosspieces

fastening system

guiding loops

by pairs in burlap bag

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(Preis inklusive MwSt. & Versand)

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