Snow chain by-law

Find information about the various snow chain laws before starting your journey!

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Chain fitting instructions

Passenger cars: Always on the drive axle

4x4 all-terrain vehicles:
Please note the instructions in your manual.

All chains are suitable for front- and rear wheel drive. Please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions in your vehicle operating manual. We recommend the bracket chain „Profi“, which does not require accessing the wheel arch, for narrow wheel arches with limited clearance particularly in rear wheel drive cars.

4x4, transporter, camper, light trucks

Netz 4x4

Snow chains for 4x4, light-trucks, trucks and commercial vehicles

For 4x4’s / SUV’s in extreme off-road terrain or forest use with mud, scree or snow / ice

  • Tyre cover thickness 16 mm / Link thickness 4.5 mm
  • Classic, simple fitting / removal
  • Made from special OSS steel, resistant to wear and tear, strong in use, tight honeycomb mesh pattern
  • Both sides of the chain mesh can be used, for increased mileage
  • Optimal chain tightening via tensioning lever





D-profile crosspieces

guiding loops

fastening system


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