Chain fitting instructions trucks

Trucks: On the drive axle.

In mountainous terrain: Additional on the controlled axle

With trailers: Additonal on the next to the last axle

Chain fitting instructions Passenger cars

Passenger cars: Always on the drive axle

4x4 all-terrain vehicles: Please note the instructions in your manual.

All chains are suitable for front- and rear wheel drive. Please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions in your vehicle operating manual. We recommend the bracket chain „Profi“, which does not require accessing the wheel arch, for narrow wheel arches with limited clearance particularly in rear wheel drive cars.

Chain fitting instructions commercial autos

Through the fastening-system and the shackles the fitting of the snow-chain can be adjusted. For optimum driving power the snow-chain should be mounted on the tire loose, so that the chain will seat on the road already in front of the tire-stand-area (see picture).