New – „Selfy 4x4 snow-chains“

Selfy 4x4

As a newness Ottinger has developed the snow-chain “Selfy 4x4” for 4-wheel-vehicles.

With a link-thickness of 3,5 mm and a layer on the tyre of 12 mm, this chain with fine chain-links is made for 4-wheel-vehicles with wide-base tyres and narrow wheel arch spaces. Ice edge grip-links made from OSS special steel, warranted an increased propulsion and braking force.

With the well-tried Selfy-stand-mounting-system, this chain can be mounted easy and quick. Also stop the car and retighten the chain is past, thanks to the built-in automatic.

Rim guard elements protect the alloy wheel rims from damage through the snow-chain.

Ottinger snow-chains are with 5 years manufacturer-warranty and ÖNORM approved.