Net chain in 8mm

The company Ottinger snow-chains is since 55 years in family property and today one of the leading supplier for snow-chains.

Through tradition and experience, the high development-standard of today from Ottinger snow-chains, is formative by quality and safety.

On snowy and icy roads, as well as off-road, Ottinger offers for all kind of vehicles for the required use the appropriate snow-chain.

Ottinger has further optimized the mounting-requirements in the chain-field of the utility vehicles.

The snow-chain-models “Netz E” and “Netz GS” are developed further. With a link-size of just 8 mm, the total-weight of the snow-chain will be reduced essential and therefore will be reached an easier handling of the mounting of the chain.

By the shortened 2-edge-grip-links will be reached an optimum and tight-fitting of the chain on the tyre, as well as a low layer on the tyre of just 28 mm. Therefore is the snow-chain-usability possible for all vehicles with narrow wheel arch spaces.

The chain-net with 8 mm grip-links made from OSS special steel, is to be distinguished for an increased propulsion and braking force, as well as less wear and tear. Also exists with the layer on the tyre of just 28 mm a less rolling-up resistance, which warranted high running smoothness.

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